Jamming with Charles Neville at BHMA's Boston Fanfare Gala

Recorded on October 2, 2015

"John's really matured into a fluent improviser!"

​​"It was nice to watch the look of approval on Charles Neville's face; he obviously was very proud of how John was groovin'."

John Libera and Gary Smulyan

John Libera (saxophone), Gary Smulyan (saxophone), and Franklin Nichols (piano)

Fantasie Hispanique by Serge Duchene

Recorded 2021

Toys Parade by Serge Duchene

Recorded 2018

Excerpts from the Charles Neville Masterclass

Recorded on February 6, 2015

Take Five by Paul Desmond

Recorded 2019

- Comments from Masterclass with Charles Neville

John Libera Music